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Armed with a mission to provide analytics-driven software solutions, Coanics has culminated into one of the most sought-after companies with more than three decades of experience in offering Online Database Application Development, Business Intelligence, Data Integrations and Data Visualization. Coanics is a privately owned and operated business intelligence firm that provides a CRM application built with flexibility and customization. Coanics focuses on delivering apt and reliable information for clients to effectively build their business. With Coanics customers can obtain valuable insights into their organization’s performance allowing them to make suitable decisions with complete confidence.

Coanics’ CRM software is efficient, accessible, user-friendly, and completely personalized to meet your needs. The company uses a variety of tools, applications and procedures that allow organizations to collect data from multiple systems and sources, prepare it for analysis, develop and run queries against the data, and create reports, and dashboards to make the results readily available. The company’s software manages resources, produces customizable business reports and dashboards providing advantages in strategic planning, forecasting, and guarantee the efficiently of customers’ businesses. The Coanics application functions as a Customer Relations Management system that can integrate data from every side and level of company operations: A true tool for standardizing company functions.

Coanics is assembled on a business intelligence data model that is lithe and simplifies the complexity of analyzing industry-specific large volume of transactional data. Coanics utilizes Microsoft’s proven and scalable SQL Server Business Intelligence platform.

Their consulting and development services include support for analytics applications, scorecards, dashboards, reports, analysis, data mining, online analytical processing, ETL, database programming, and digital signage integration. It also helps in enhancing real-time visibility and decision-making support by providing easy-to-use online analytics and dashboards to help users understand the way their data impacts the well-being of their business.

The company also offers Basket Analysis, one of the most common and useful types of data analysis for marketing and retail industries. Basket analysis is used to determine what products customers purchase together, knowing the products people purchase together can be helpful to a retailer or to any other firm. Basket Analysis offers users the ability to find product association, allowing them to strategically place harmonizing products together. Knowing that a customer will be more inclined to purchase an item because of the item they originally wanted produces increased sales.

Coanics’ all-inclusive, time-saving, user-friendly business intelligence dashboards with real-time data delivery give insight into your business health. Coanics is passionate about business intelligence dashboard design and analytics and tailors their dashboards as per a customer’s specific business needs in a plethora of industries. Coanics views reporting as an essential business function that is vital in effective decision making, dedicated to delivering professional and affordable reporting solutions. The company’s custom-built reports allow clients to drill down into detailed information, offering real-time data to help better spot a potential business problem as well as provide the solutions to specific questions.

It is pertinent to mention that Coanics function as a professional data science workshop where collectively they work with their customers to analyze all the necessary demographic, financial, and productivity information about their organizations. This enables Coanics to construct reports, analyze data, and combine data integrated from multiple discrete systems to positively affect the bottom line. Efficient data management is one of the necessary components to help customers to gain indispensable insight into their business.